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Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ketch - Gris Suede

And yet another version of the beautiful model "Ketch" in Gris Suede, photographed by The Shoe Snob in the atelier at Rue Volney, Paris.

Imagine the endless variations posible in Calf or Suede with different lining, piping or stitching.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Shoe Snob visits Corthay

Justin Fitzpatrick, owner of the blog The Shoe Snob and currently working at Gieves and Hawkes Ltd in London, visited the Cothay workshop in Paris a few weeks ago.

~ ... ~

Upon arriving to Corthay, he was almost under the impression that it was closed, as there was only a window with some shoes displayed, but no signs of a main entrance. Not far from the display window of shoes, there was another window open with some workers who were 'finishing shoes' (i.e. applying the patinas, finishing off the heels and making sure that the end result of the bespoke shoe is tip top!). Justin knew that they must work there (not hard to figure out), and so he asked his friend who accompanied him to inquire.

They said that they were open, let them in (through these big doors that led to a courtyard-like entrance) in which the shop was on the right and the rest of space belonging to various sectors of the company, all of which were part of Corthay. One of the workers escorted them to the shoe shop part of it and allowed them to look around. Justin asked if it was okay to take pictures, as he is a shoe blogger, who of course, they had not heard of! Surprising though, as he puts so many of their shoes on his blog, and has quite a following in France...

To view the full article visit: The Shoe Snob - Corthay visit !

~ ... ~

As you can see the atelier was still decorated in the "Excellence Run" style:

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Versatile Ketch

Such a versatile model from Pierre Corthay! The relatively new model "Ketch" surprises us again and again as we see more variations in colours!

Below you'll see three different colours, 2 MTO's and 1 RTW model for Leffot in New York.
Many thanks to Steven Taffel, his customers and Pierre Corthay for their creative thoughts.

- From left to right -
MTO Green Bronze Calf, MTO Burgundy Calf, RTW Brown Suede

We send Steven Taffel an email for additional information and will keep you updated.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Unknown Bespoke

Last week we found this picture of a rare bespoke shoe from Pierre Corthay on http://kevinseahbespoke.tumblr.com/.

It seems to be inspired on the model "Vendôme" in a calf/suede combination!

Maybe Kevin Seah can tell us more about it!

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