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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

La beauté du geste World Tour, second stop: London

All photos © Parisian Gentleman and Maison Corthay.

"Pierre Corthay is a remarkable artisan/artist and gifted with contagious generosity. He is the voice of the movie, without being its subject, and conveys, with grace and wisdom, ideas that, far from being timeless, offer a very contemporary outlook on wonderful trades that have probably been given up on too early."

"The Master"

Pierre Corthay & Xavier de Royere

Xavier de Royere,  Hugo Jacomet & Tim Jefferies

"Based on the success of the movie and on the emotion it clearly inspires its audiences, Parisian Gentleman hase elected to screen “La Beauté du Geste” in Tokyo (Japan) on June 1st, before setting sail in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and New York prior to a public release in year end, possibly through television broadcast but most likely online or as a DVD including exclusive and bonus features."

On the right, Londons storemanager Francois Pourcher

On the right, Justin FitzPatrick (The Shoe Snob) with his business partner

On the right, Roald Dahl

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