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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sir Jeremy Hackett visits "Maison Corthay", London

This week "Maison Corthay", London, had a very special visitor!
Storemanager Francois Pourcher was very pleased to welcome "Mr Classic" himself, Sir Jeremy Hackett, accompanied by the well-known Japanese photographer and journalist, Shu Tomioka.

Sir Jeremy Hackett & Francois Pourcher
© Shu Tomioka

On his blog www.jeremyhackett.com, he says:

I don't know about you but the recent trend for coloured shoelaces had completely passed me by; keep up Jeremy! A friend of mine, who is a shoe nut, sent me a text telling me about this current fashion phenomenon that was sweeping Milan. How could I have missed this revolution in Men’s fashion?

A few days later, I was passing a new shoe shop in Motcomb St called Corthay, a French bespoke shoemaker. In the window was a pair of black shoes with red shoelaces. Immediately I purchased the laces from the very charming and knowledgeable shop manager.
It struck me that here was a way to freshen up a pair of sensible black shoes or add a touch of colour to a pair of broken down battered brown brogues for the cost of a pair of shoelaces...

Monday, 28 May 2012

Customer Contribution: Arca, Bella & Wallet

All the way from Brisbane (Australia) we've got this Customer Contribution!!
Marty, thank you for your effort !!!

Thomas Kalflo & Marty in front of Maison Corthay, 1 Rue Volney, Paris

Dear Pierre Corthay Blog,

Please find photos of my little Corthay collection - consisting of:

 - Bella boots in blue suede
 - Arca in brown
 - Wallet in blonde croco

All items were purchased in the Paris store with the help of Corthay's lovely Thomas Kalflo.

My favourite is the Bella's, Thomas showed these to me and I fell in love with them immediately. Thomas advises that the Bella’s in blue suede were originally made for shop staff in a limited run, but Thomas had one pair left in my small size - from what he tells Pierre wasn't able to source this suede again so I have quite a rare beauty!

As you can see I am no photographer, but hope your readers will enjoy.

All the best,



Arca's on the 001 last

Bella's in Limited run Blue Suede.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Corthay Arca: The Union Jack !!!

In Honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee and to celebrate the "Maison Corthay" on Motcomb street London,
the bespoke team imagined the Union Jack shoe.

This unique piece of art will travel the world and be presented in all Maisons Corthay.

First stop London ...

Corthay: model Sergio

From a Dutch customer we recieved these pictures. A pair of Corthay, model Sergio, in Lie de Vin!

He already was the happy owner of a pair of Corthay, model Wilfrid.

1 Year Anniversary !!!

Exactly one year ago we started this "Pierre Corthay Tribute Blog" and posted for the first time!
Now we have 61000 pageviews from more than over 8300 unique visitors!!

Thank you all and keep following us !

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Corthay goes "Le Mans"

First picture of the Aston Martin DBR9 GT2 that will be at Le Mans later this year. Just watch the Corthay star go round the track !

Friday, 18 May 2012

"La Beauté du Geste": Tokyo, June 1st

Maison Corthay and Parisian Gentleman are hosting the private viewing of

"La Beauté du Geste"

in Tokyo on June 1st.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

La beauté du geste World Tour, second stop: London

All photos © Parisian Gentleman and Maison Corthay.

"Pierre Corthay is a remarkable artisan/artist and gifted with contagious generosity. He is the voice of the movie, without being its subject, and conveys, with grace and wisdom, ideas that, far from being timeless, offer a very contemporary outlook on wonderful trades that have probably been given up on too early."

"The Master"

Pierre Corthay & Xavier de Royere

Xavier de Royere,  Hugo Jacomet & Tim Jefferies

"Based on the success of the movie and on the emotion it clearly inspires its audiences, Parisian Gentleman hase elected to screen “La Beauté du Geste” in Tokyo (Japan) on June 1st, before setting sail in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and New York prior to a public release in year end, possibly through television broadcast but most likely online or as a DVD including exclusive and bonus features."

On the right, Londons storemanager Francois Pourcher

On the right, Justin FitzPatrick (The Shoe Snob) with his business partner

On the right, Roald Dahl

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