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Monday, 11 March 2013

Customer Contribution: Arca in Blue

Last week we recieved another very nice customer contribution.
The second contribution from Kevin (NY).
"Dear PC-blogspot.com,
This weekend my girlfriend and I were out for a walk and decided to stroll through Saks. Imagine my excitement when I came across this pair of Arca bleu in my size, which had arrived two days before. The toes and heels are an intense blue, with a beautiful fade to indigo and then black. The soles are purple. I was the first--and last--customer to try them on.
KLIK HERE for Kevin's first contribution
Kevin also told us that he also ordered two MTO's:
- Arca, olive, lime green piping and brown lining
- Wilfrid, vieux bois and brown suede, 001 last
When the arive, we hope he will share these with us !!

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